Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year has certainly gone by quickly. So quick in fact, that I am not ready for the holidays, and yet it’s right around the corner. In an attempt to save trees and money (and time), we are sending our Christmas Letter via email this year. Only those few who don’t have email will be lucky enough to receive the ‘real’ thing. Sorry, and hope you understand.

This year we had the opportunity to travel out west to visit Quince’s family. It was a blessed reunion. We spent some time with his Grandma Altman. We met up with his Mom at Crater Lake in Oregon before meeting up with the rest of the family at the Pease’s Ranch. We were able to attend the wedding of his youngest sister, Suezy. Then the entire group headed to the coast at Crescent City where we spent a few days camping in cabins as a GREAT BIG FAMILY (there were 21 of us). It was the first time any of Quince’s family met Cole, and the first time we were able to see the 4 kids born in 2006/2007. Cole certainly enjoyed the company of his cousins, and the challenge of learning everyone’s names. It was great to see everyone (unfortunately Sasha and new baby Lillie were unable to attend) and saying goodbye was definitely a sad thing. We hope to be able to meet up again for another reunion in 2-3 years.

Later this year we had the opportunity to take a little unexpected vacation to Denver, Colorado. We accompanied Quince on a work trip, and though he was working during the day, Cole and I did some site seeing and had a good time. I also visited with an old military friend living in that area.

We are also excited to announce Altman boy #2, who is due to arrive April 28th 2009. This has been a really rough pregnancy, (part of the reason I am not ready for the holidays), but Quince has done a great job of pitching in and helping out around the house to help me keep up with house work. The first several months I was horribly sick, but have finally gotten to feeling much better (Thank goodness!).

Thanksgiving has held at our home this year. It was quite the event. My family (mom, dad, 4 bros, sis-in-law and niece) traveled up the day before. T-day morning started fairly early with the boys all going to play paint-ball. Dinner was excellent (if I do say so myself) and the turkey was the juiciest I have ever had. I did all the cooking, with Mom as my sous-chef. Everyone except for Mom and Faith left that night, and we girls (along with Cole) hit up some Black Friday shopping at the mall with my aunts and cousins. We aren’t the 4am crazies though; we didn’t get started until around 9:00. We managed to get a family picture taken for Mom’s Christmas cards, and though we look like a bunch of hillbillies, it made Mom happy.

Cole turned 2 this past August. It is hard to believe he has grown up so fast!! He talks a mile a minute, and keeps us laughing quite often with the crazy things he says. He loves to jump, read, listen to music, watch Toy Story, Elmo, Shrek (which he calls ‘the green guy’) and SuperWhy and play on his new found love: the computer! He has learned how to maneuver the mouse and enjoys playing ABC’s at He can recognize all of his letters, and knows most of their sounds too. He is not very fond of the now cold weather though and no longer likes to go outside, which has Quince a bit disappointed. He does love going to church, and attending nursery, as well as his occasional playgroups. We frequently get comments about how ‘smart he is’ (which he gets from his mother, of course). He really does have a great memory and loves to learn!

Cole was featured as ‘Mr. November’ in a charity calendar. Pictures were taken by a local photographer. Proceeds went to Hope Alive, a women and children’s shelter in Frederick, MD. If you would like to purchase a calendar to help this cause, go to and order while supplies last. The cost is $10 plus shipping.

Quince has kept busy as President of the Young Men’s Program with our church. He enjoys the scouting aspect most, and spends one weekend a month camping out with the ‘boys’. He recently had an opportunity to attend a Mongolian Language class, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He hopes to go back and visit again someday (for those that don’t know he served a 2yr mission there for the LDS church).

As for me, I am busy as the 2nd Counselor in the Primary (children’s group) of our church. I am also working on my Master’s Degree online in Early Childhood Education. I enjoy staying home with Cole, but have also kept busy with my home-based businesses Pampered Chef ( and Usborne Books ( ), especially over the holiday season.

We may have the opportunity to travel abroad this upcoming year with Quince’s work, but have yet to receive the final word.

We hope that this letter finds you and your families well this holiday season!

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Lots of Love,

Jennifer, Quince, Cole, Bisbee and Chino

Friday, November 21, 2008

It's been awhile

So I haven't posted in some time, mostly just because I haven't been feeling well and have had little time to sit down and actually write out the novel of what's new in life. I don't really have the time now either, as have a mile long to do list that continues to grow with every passing day...but...O well.
For those that aren't aware of the newest news...We are expecting Altman Baby Boy #2 on April 28th 2009! Yep...another Boy! Quince insists that girls are not a possiblity, but I figure I'll give it one more chance...maybe...if I survive this pregnancy. Honestly...I don't know how ANYONE can honestly say they ENJOY being's not really fun at all. This pregnancy has just been horrible...I am now almost 18wks, and I have still thrown up twice this week...though this is an improvement. Atleast the all day "I think I'm gonna throw up" feelings have passed...that was at about 15wks. Blah! I'm sorry to say, but being Pregnant SUCKS!! I truly feel that if the Lord really wanted us to 'be fruitful and multiple' he could hve helped out by making this a tad easier.
On another note, we went to Colorado for a week, about 2-3mos ago. We had a great time, though my morning (more like ALL DAY) sickness put a bit of a damper on the trip, as well as the 'accident' I caused and was charged for (but that's another blog in itself, that I don't have time for). Quince was there on work, so Cole and I were left to ourselves most of the days. I visited with my roommate from DLI (Carrie) and her little boy (Owen) for a few days (before she went TDY to MD...go figure!) We also hit up the Denver Zoo, The Science Museum, the Children's Museum, and did a little more site seeing...though by the time Quince was able to venture out, I was feeling worse and spent most of our 'site-seeing' time in the car feeling sick...I think it was in part to the high altitudes.
Halloween was fun as well. Cole dressed up like Elmo. WE had two trunk-or-treating experiences before Halloween night, and he had finally got the hang of it. Then on Halloween Quince thought it would be fun to take him to the scary house first...scary house and tired kid...not a good combo. Trick or Treating was over before it really began. We managed to get him to a few more houses before calling it a night though. We went to a friend's neighborhood for the occasion since our houses are soo spread out and there aren't any kids around really.
I guess that's it for now...I'll put a few pics up as well.

Monday, August 18, 2008

My baby is 2!!

Aug 18, 2006

July 2008

Where does time go? He has grown up so much!! I mean, today he answered the phone!! I heard it ringing and then before I could get to it, he climbed up to the counter, picked it up and said "Helwhoa". He is a trip!!
He is talking a ton! He loves to play with balls, and is quite the athlete. He can make baskets in the basketball hoop, drop and kick the ball and almost always hits where he aims (which can be a problem b/c he likes to through balls at the light fixtures). He is a bundle of joy and laughs, always doing something new and funny everyday it seems!

We had a little party for him at my mom's house, and another little one today. And there will be another little one on Thursday with some of this preschool group friends. (I know, it's a lot).

Speaking of...he's calling me...I just heard him say "Where'd mommy go? MOMMM-EEE!"
Got to love 'em.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30 on the 30th

So that won't happen again! I can't help but remember that Dad was given an over-the-hill party at his 30th, and how do I remember that??? I was 12! Thanks mom for scarring us and making 30 old at such a young age!! (JK)

Where do I stand at 30?? I have a 2 year old! Granted, I didn't start nearly as young as my parents, which is great....but I am def not where I thought I would be at 30! I am content with life though, and moving right along. I guess at this point (given my last vacation) I am glad I made it to see 30, haha.

So what's the plan for today? I'll have a house full of kids (as usual), 4 to be exact. It'll be just like any other day, Quince has scouts tonight, so he'll come home, we'll have an early dinner, he'll head out, I'll bathe Cole get him to bed and then work on my school work. EXCITING isn't it?? What happened to the Birthday's we had as kids? Though Quince did say we will do something on Thursday...I'm still not expecting much. He asked me if I had bought a cake mix for myself...yeah right!
And I told him what I wanted, since my choices were limited to Wal_mart (he had a GC from returning an item he wanted to use) my guess is I am getting pens for my Cricut machine....ahhh...the element of surprise!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

The day I almost died!!

Okay, it's not an exaggeration...but it is def one of the most fun and scariest day of my life all wrapped into one!
Quince had this great idea to go White Water Rafting for my family vacation this year. So he got everyone on board, and we all packed up and headed for Ohio Pyle in PA. There were 16 of us total, if you count the two little ones (Cole and baby Riley). And 12 of us rafted the first day, 11 the second. (not cause we lost anyone or anything, just some whimped out and didn't want to come again, and also My Mom came the 2nd day (she was watching the babies the first day)).
Anyhow...the first day was great!! Lots of fun, no fouls! Dad's boat lost some folks into the water at the start, but got them back in with only one lost paddle. Then they flipped again further down the river, but everyone was fine.
So we were raring to go the 2nd day....Piece of cake!!
Well the river dropped 5 inches over night, and what a difference a little less water can make...there were lots more rocks. (In the slide show you can see us stuck on a rock at the very beggining of our trip). But we had a good 'ol time. Laughing so hard we almost pee'd our pants on several occasions.
We stopped at a large rock along the way and most jumped was lots of fun. (All of those pics will come later once the waterproof camera gets developed).
We made it through dimple rock (the most dangerous) without even a minor issue. Then a bit further down the river, we came across another set of rapids (the same secion dad flipped the day before, but he was on the other side). We made it through the day before no problem. but this such luck!! We hit a rock and immediately our boat flipped up....I vaguely remember seeing mom being thrown over the top of the boat (it was standing straight up on it's side), Jackie went out the bottom, I was sort of stuck and remember seeing Ryan's leg. I yelled for Mom, then Ryan (I thought his leg was stuck in the boat) and then the water shot me out of the boat...but not for long...I got hung up in the rocks by my leg, I saw Quince and yelled, just as the rapids completely covered my face. Ever wonder what people think before they die??? I'll tell you..."OH MY GOSH! I'M GONNA DIE!!" atleast that is what I was completely terrifying, and I am not exaggerating it one bit!! Next thing I know I got loose and I was being shot down the river, I saw Quince standing there holding up the boat (or so I thought, turns out he was really hanging from the boat), I turned around to face down stream and put my toes up (as your told) and saw Jackie climbing out onto shore...My dad's boat was in front of me in the calm of the water...and they were pulling mom in. I banged my butt up a ton as I rafted down the remaining rapids (without a boat!) and became engulfed by the water repeatedly before reaching my dad's boat and being pulled in. I survived! (Just barely). I tell you, my whole life really did flash before my eyes, I don't think I have ever been so scared in all my life. I'm pretty banged up and very sore. But Mom got it really bad....we figure she fell about 5-6ft from the top of the boat, landing on a rock and jacking up her elbow. Dad took her to the hospital (after we finished our raft trip, of course)...but no broken bones...Thank goodness. I won't lie, I started balling like a baby once I got in my dad's boat. My mom's elbow was so swollen, (which is why we thought it was broken) it looked like a thumb was coming out the end of it. It was a very emotional experience, and I just may be suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), b/c all I see when I shut my eyes is water going over me...HORRIBLE!!! Quince isn't one to talk about his emotions or anything, but I know it scared him a bit as well....

Anyhow, by the time I was 'rescued' Quince had gotten back into the boat, and pulled in Ryan and Jacob, and gotten Jackie as well. So we were all found, and alive. Mom and I suffered the most injuries, but it could have been SO MUCH WORSE!

All that said and done, it was still a nice vacation, and we had a lot of fun. I just know we are all so thankful the injuries were not worse, and we can all live to talk about the craziness! And hey...we came out of it only missing ONE paddle!!! We snagged one from another company we found along the way and traded it for one from the company we rented, so all is good! I have also learned that the family can really come together in an emergency, the rescue efforts were pulled through flawlessly, though afterwards, the stress got to everyone and there was a complete mental breakdown of a few members of the group. But atleast, it was after all was said and done. Fear can do some crazy stuff to you!

But as I said, it was a great time, non-the-less. Cole really enjoyed himself and it was great spending time with everyone!!!

Moral of the never know what can happen!! Live today as if it were your last! (It almost was mine, I kid you not!!) It will take some time, but I'll probably get on a raft again one day...but I do know this...Cole will NEVER raft unless Quince is with him....and I won't either. are the pics of our raft going down the first (or second) set of rapids. It really was a lot of fun!!

Here is dad's boat...

It's him, my brother Joshua, his gf Morgan, my cousin Patrick and my bro Jojo

More pics to follow

Friday, July 18, 2008

I must be crazy!!

Okay, OKay! I know you are thinking, "how can she possibly sell anything else???" But I just couldn't turn it down. I have recently been turned on to Pampered Chef...I am lovin' there stuff!! And they are having this great sign on deal right now. The kit is $155, but if you get $1000 in sales the first month, you get 50% back from the company AND my director will give me the other 50% back as well. So that's $500 in product for free with no other obligation...How could I say now? And I'll make commission on that $1000 as well as a $200+ in PC dollars, for more FREE stuff!!! The show that I hosted this past Wednesday counts as my FIRST show, and the 3 shows that booked off of it are now mine (Surpise Lou, Iola and Carrie!). So, I should be set. That and mom and my friend Kim both said they would do a show too. And who knows, maybe this one will actually take off? We shall see.
Usborne is still my passion though, I just love those books...what kills me is that people would rather spend money on Scrapbooking and Cooking items for themselves than for books for their kids?? What's up with that??!! O well. I won't complain, especially since I am getting $700+ in FREE PC stuff because of it. My kitchen will now be OUTFITTED!! YEAH!

I'll post my website and more info once my kit comes. Wish me luck!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

My little romantic

Cole is a natural born romantic, obviously a trait he did NOT inherit from his father, lol. A few weeks ago, he brought me in some sweat peas (flowers). The following day some I finally asked Quince what was up with the flowers and he said it was Cole's idea. He saw the flowers, and kept saying "flowers, mommy", so Quince let him pick them and bring them in to me. Now almost every day I get some...I have a vase by the sink collecting them. Today I was downstairs on the computer when he brought me some more daisies...he gets a big smile and comes over, I get all excited and say "flowers for me, thank you" and he hands them over grinning. I ask for a kiss which he gives, and this time he tells me..."water, flowers water". So up the stairs I went to add them to my collection. He is so proud of himself when he brings me flowers, it's adorable.
By the way, Diasies keep GREAT! They have lasted such a long time, that my little vase is starting to overflow with them!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Family Reunion

We just got back from a 2 week long vacation, a good portion of which was spent with Quince's family out west. It was such a great time and so good to see everyone...
it had been 3 years+ since we had seen most of them, and the first time any of them had meet Cole. It really sucks that we have to live so far away, though I enjoy living close to my family, I wish there was some way we could live close to BOTH families...but since they are on opposite costs, there really is no way to do it.

The vacation started with a few days at my folks house. My brother JoJo graduated high school, and then Mom took us to the airport on Tuesday. The plane ride there was LONG, particularly with an overtired almost 2 year old on our laps. He finally fell into a fitfull sleep, but woke up crying (more like screaming) several times on the way there and back. We rented a minivan in Portland and hit the road, headed south. We stopped in to see Grandma Altman, then checked out some nearby waterfalls, then meet up with Quince's Mom at Crescent Lake where we stayed at a pretty ritzy motel (NOT!), after enjoying the sites there (it was breathtakingly beautiful!) we headed further South to Quince's Mom's house were we met up with the rest of the Family. That Saturday Suezy (his youngest sister) was married, Sunday was Church...and Monday we all headed to the coast. We stayed at a very nice KOA Kampground for two nights and enjoyed some coastal activities, as well as some Redwood forests. Wednesday we headed back to Grandma Altman's, then Thursday we made our trek back to Portland to fly home. Along the way we stopped a riverside park in Salem, and at the Portland Temple. It was a great trip, and we loved seeing everyone and taking a break from life. But, it sure was nice to be in our own beds again. We still haven't adjusted to the time change back, but will be forced too as Monday is quickly apporaching and it's back to work and 'normal' life here in Maryland.

Friday, June 6, 2008


So we are going through a bit of a hard time right now, some of you know what I am referring too....regardless of it you know the details or not, I thought I would share this scripture verse. Each night Quince and I read the daily verse and thought from President Hinckley's book Stand a Little Taller. This was the one for last night...June 5th. All either one of us could say afterwards was "Fitting".
It may help someone else as well...

"Lifted up at the last day"

"Whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trials, and their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day."
-Alma 36:3

"We may know much of loneliness. We may now discouragement and frustration. We may know adversity and trouble and pain. I would hope not. But you know, and I know, that suffering comes to many. Sometimes is is mental. Sometimes it is physical. Soemtimes it may even be spiritual. Ours it he duty to walk by faith, rising above the evils and trials of the world. We are sons and daughters of God. Ours is a divine birthright. Ours is a divine destiny."

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Zoo Trip

So we took Cole to the Zoo for the first time on Thursday (May 15th). He LOVES animals, knows the names of most, can sign most of them (though now he is talking more he says most of them), and their noises....even a camel. So we couldn't wait to take him to the zoo to see the animals. We took the train and then the Metro down to DC, and then walked about a block or two to the zoo. Unfortunately, the back half of the zoo closed at noon (where most of the animals are) So we didn't get to hit everything. But the weather was perfect, and Cole was passed out by noon anyhow, so we headed home shortly thereafter.
Cole wasn't as 'excited' as Quince had hoped, but I think he was more mesmorized. He would press up against the glass/gate and just repeat the animal name over and over and stare. It was cute.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lupus Research Walk

For those that don't know, I have been given an 'unofficial' diagnosis of Lupus, basically I fall into the category and the Lupus meds have been working to treat me for several years now, so it is assumed I have Lupus. So....I will be walking in the Lupus Research Walk this year, with Quince in tow...check out our pages, join us or donate if you can!

My Page:

Quince’s Page:

Just a reminder, I know November seems so far away, but time goes by so fast these days! Join us in the walk or donate if you can.
Don’t leave nearby? Find a walk in your area or be a virtual walker!

Check out the newest press release from ALR

Dear Friends and Family,
I recently registered for the 2008 Washinigton DC Alliance for Lupus Research (ALR) Walk with Us to Cure Lupus Walkathon, which will be held on November 2nd at National Mall, Capitol Reflecting Pool. 100% of the contributions to this event will go to support lupus research programs, because ALR's Board of Directors pays for all administrative and fundraising costs.
Your support will help me reach my own fundraising goal, and is essential to the success of ALR's mission: to prevent, treat, and cure lupus through medical research. More information on the Alliance for Lupus Research can be found at
It is faster and easier than ever to give your support! Visit my Personal Webpage to donate with a credit card online. Immediately after making your gift, you will receive an email with tax receipt information.
You can also send me a check contribution. Make all checks payable to the Alliance for Lupus Research, and include my ID Number in the check's memo line:
It is best for you to mail checks to me directly so I can collect them and turn them in on walk day. You can also mail checks directly to the Alliance for Lupus Research at: Walk with Us to Cure Lupus, 28 West 44th Street, Suite 501, New York, NY 10036.
Whatever you can give will help; it all adds up! Also, feel free to forward this message to anyone you think might want to support me as I Walk to Cure Lupus. I appreciate your support and will keep you updated on my progress.
Jennifer Altman
Visit my Personal Webpage now!

Facts About Lupus
Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease in which a person's immune system mistakenly attacks the body's own tissue.
Lupus can cause life-threatening damage to major organs such as the kidneys, lungs, heart and central nervous system.
Lupus is the leading cause of death among women with autoimmune diseases who are in their childbearing years (ages 15-45).
Women are five times more likely to die from lupus than men, and African Americans are three times more likely to die from lupus than caucasians.
Between 1979 and 1998 there was an approximate 70% increase in lupus deaths among middle-aged African American women.
National Walk Supporter

Learn more about the Alliance for Lupus Research Change email options

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

So...Quince isn't much of the gift giving type, but I did get a sweet card from him this year (which may actually be more than I got last year...I can't remember). He had Cole most of the day Saturday to himself, so he even took the time to paint his hands and put them in the no other color than PURPLE, of course! My fav.

He wrote the following, "Congratulations! You qualify this year! After all the sleep you've missed and everything you do, day after day after day and will continue to do day after day for the next 30years. I thought a card was the least I could do. Love you, Quince"

Gotta love 'em, right? lol

All in all, it was good day though...even if I did have to make my own breakfast, and clean the kitchen afterwards. It's only my second year as a 'mother', so I am still training him. It took 6yrs to get a Valentine's Day Gift...oh wait...I think I'm still working on's just the whole Anniversary and Valentine's Day are TWO DIFFERENT DAYS and TWO DIFFERENT HOLIDAYS that he seems to have trouble with. But he has Birthday's and Christmas down pretty well. These things take time!

On another note, I am an aunt yet again. Quince's Brother, Clint, and his wife, Sasha, had their 4th child (2nd little girl) Saturday the 10th at around 9pm. She weighed 7 pounds 3.5 ounces and was 19 inches long. They named her name is Lillie Antonette Altman. So that makes 10 neices and nephews from Quince's side and one from mine (we are way behind! lol)

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Push ups! Push ups!

Cole has become quite the DSgt., He quite frequently demands that Quince do push-ups. He says "push-ups, push-up", and even makes him take his shirt off, by saying "belly". First he gets on Quince's back, and then after several reps, he comes around to the front and climbs on his shoulder. Afterwards, he attempts them on his own. It is hilarious to watch! He is gonna make sure his Daddy stays in shape! haha

Everyone else is doing it....

So, I decided that Blogging must be the 'in' thing and decided to try a stab at it. Afterall, everyone else is doing why shouldn't I? And No, Dad, I wouldn't jump off a mountain just because my friends did (and yes it's true, you did say that to me more than a few times, I am sure!)., this is my attempt at blogging.