Friday, November 21, 2008

It's been awhile

So I haven't posted in some time, mostly just because I haven't been feeling well and have had little time to sit down and actually write out the novel of what's new in life. I don't really have the time now either, as have a mile long to do list that continues to grow with every passing day...but...O well.
For those that aren't aware of the newest news...We are expecting Altman Baby Boy #2 on April 28th 2009! Yep...another Boy! Quince insists that girls are not a possiblity, but I figure I'll give it one more chance...maybe...if I survive this pregnancy. Honestly...I don't know how ANYONE can honestly say they ENJOY being's not really fun at all. This pregnancy has just been horrible...I am now almost 18wks, and I have still thrown up twice this week...though this is an improvement. Atleast the all day "I think I'm gonna throw up" feelings have passed...that was at about 15wks. Blah! I'm sorry to say, but being Pregnant SUCKS!! I truly feel that if the Lord really wanted us to 'be fruitful and multiple' he could hve helped out by making this a tad easier.
On another note, we went to Colorado for a week, about 2-3mos ago. We had a great time, though my morning (more like ALL DAY) sickness put a bit of a damper on the trip, as well as the 'accident' I caused and was charged for (but that's another blog in itself, that I don't have time for). Quince was there on work, so Cole and I were left to ourselves most of the days. I visited with my roommate from DLI (Carrie) and her little boy (Owen) for a few days (before she went TDY to MD...go figure!) We also hit up the Denver Zoo, The Science Museum, the Children's Museum, and did a little more site seeing...though by the time Quince was able to venture out, I was feeling worse and spent most of our 'site-seeing' time in the car feeling sick...I think it was in part to the high altitudes.
Halloween was fun as well. Cole dressed up like Elmo. WE had two trunk-or-treating experiences before Halloween night, and he had finally got the hang of it. Then on Halloween Quince thought it would be fun to take him to the scary house first...scary house and tired kid...not a good combo. Trick or Treating was over before it really began. We managed to get him to a few more houses before calling it a night though. We went to a friend's neighborhood for the occasion since our houses are soo spread out and there aren't any kids around really.
I guess that's it for now...I'll put a few pics up as well.

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