Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

This year has certainly gone by quickly. So quick in fact, that I am not ready for the holidays, and yet it’s right around the corner. In an attempt to save trees and money (and time), we are sending our Christmas Letter via email this year. Only those few who don’t have email will be lucky enough to receive the ‘real’ thing. Sorry, and hope you understand.

This year we had the opportunity to travel out west to visit Quince’s family. It was a blessed reunion. We spent some time with his Grandma Altman. We met up with his Mom at Crater Lake in Oregon before meeting up with the rest of the family at the Pease’s Ranch. We were able to attend the wedding of his youngest sister, Suezy. Then the entire group headed to the coast at Crescent City where we spent a few days camping in cabins as a GREAT BIG FAMILY (there were 21 of us). It was the first time any of Quince’s family met Cole, and the first time we were able to see the 4 kids born in 2006/2007. Cole certainly enjoyed the company of his cousins, and the challenge of learning everyone’s names. It was great to see everyone (unfortunately Sasha and new baby Lillie were unable to attend) and saying goodbye was definitely a sad thing. We hope to be able to meet up again for another reunion in 2-3 years.

Later this year we had the opportunity to take a little unexpected vacation to Denver, Colorado. We accompanied Quince on a work trip, and though he was working during the day, Cole and I did some site seeing and had a good time. I also visited with an old military friend living in that area.

We are also excited to announce Altman boy #2, who is due to arrive April 28th 2009. This has been a really rough pregnancy, (part of the reason I am not ready for the holidays), but Quince has done a great job of pitching in and helping out around the house to help me keep up with house work. The first several months I was horribly sick, but have finally gotten to feeling much better (Thank goodness!).

Thanksgiving has held at our home this year. It was quite the event. My family (mom, dad, 4 bros, sis-in-law and niece) traveled up the day before. T-day morning started fairly early with the boys all going to play paint-ball. Dinner was excellent (if I do say so myself) and the turkey was the juiciest I have ever had. I did all the cooking, with Mom as my sous-chef. Everyone except for Mom and Faith left that night, and we girls (along with Cole) hit up some Black Friday shopping at the mall with my aunts and cousins. We aren’t the 4am crazies though; we didn’t get started until around 9:00. We managed to get a family picture taken for Mom’s Christmas cards, and though we look like a bunch of hillbillies, it made Mom happy.

Cole turned 2 this past August. It is hard to believe he has grown up so fast!! He talks a mile a minute, and keeps us laughing quite often with the crazy things he says. He loves to jump, read, listen to music, watch Toy Story, Elmo, Shrek (which he calls ‘the green guy’) and SuperWhy and play on his new found love: the computer! He has learned how to maneuver the mouse and enjoys playing ABC’s at He can recognize all of his letters, and knows most of their sounds too. He is not very fond of the now cold weather though and no longer likes to go outside, which has Quince a bit disappointed. He does love going to church, and attending nursery, as well as his occasional playgroups. We frequently get comments about how ‘smart he is’ (which he gets from his mother, of course). He really does have a great memory and loves to learn!

Cole was featured as ‘Mr. November’ in a charity calendar. Pictures were taken by a local photographer. Proceeds went to Hope Alive, a women and children’s shelter in Frederick, MD. If you would like to purchase a calendar to help this cause, go to and order while supplies last. The cost is $10 plus shipping.

Quince has kept busy as President of the Young Men’s Program with our church. He enjoys the scouting aspect most, and spends one weekend a month camping out with the ‘boys’. He recently had an opportunity to attend a Mongolian Language class, which he thoroughly enjoyed. He hopes to go back and visit again someday (for those that don’t know he served a 2yr mission there for the LDS church).

As for me, I am busy as the 2nd Counselor in the Primary (children’s group) of our church. I am also working on my Master’s Degree online in Early Childhood Education. I enjoy staying home with Cole, but have also kept busy with my home-based businesses Pampered Chef ( and Usborne Books ( ), especially over the holiday season.

We may have the opportunity to travel abroad this upcoming year with Quince’s work, but have yet to receive the final word.

We hope that this letter finds you and your families well this holiday season!

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Lots of Love,

Jennifer, Quince, Cole, Bisbee and Chino

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