Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30 on the 30th

So that won't happen again! I can't help but remember that Dad was given an over-the-hill party at his 30th, and how do I remember that??? I was 12! Thanks mom for scarring us and making 30 old at such a young age!! (JK)

Where do I stand at 30?? I have a 2 year old! Granted, I didn't start nearly as young as my parents, which is great....but I am def not where I thought I would be at 30! I am content with life though, and moving right along. I guess at this point (given my last vacation) I am glad I made it to see 30, haha.

So what's the plan for today? I'll have a house full of kids (as usual), 4 to be exact. It'll be just like any other day, Quince has scouts tonight, so he'll come home, we'll have an early dinner, he'll head out, I'll bathe Cole get him to bed and then work on my school work. EXCITING isn't it?? What happened to the Birthday's we had as kids? Though Quince did say we will do something on Thursday...I'm still not expecting much. He asked me if I had bought a cake mix for myself...yeah right!
And I told him what I wanted, since my choices were limited to Wal_mart (he had a GC from returning an item he wanted to use) my guess is I am getting pens for my Cricut machine....ahhh...the element of surprise!

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