Monday, August 18, 2008

My baby is 2!!

Aug 18, 2006

July 2008

Where does time go? He has grown up so much!! I mean, today he answered the phone!! I heard it ringing and then before I could get to it, he climbed up to the counter, picked it up and said "Helwhoa". He is a trip!!
He is talking a ton! He loves to play with balls, and is quite the athlete. He can make baskets in the basketball hoop, drop and kick the ball and almost always hits where he aims (which can be a problem b/c he likes to through balls at the light fixtures). He is a bundle of joy and laughs, always doing something new and funny everyday it seems!

We had a little party for him at my mom's house, and another little one today. And there will be another little one on Thursday with some of this preschool group friends. (I know, it's a lot).

Speaking of...he's calling me...I just heard him say "Where'd mommy go? MOMMM-EEE!"
Got to love 'em.

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Amber said...

Awww Happy Birthday Cole!!