Friday, July 11, 2008

My little romantic

Cole is a natural born romantic, obviously a trait he did NOT inherit from his father, lol. A few weeks ago, he brought me in some sweat peas (flowers). The following day some I finally asked Quince what was up with the flowers and he said it was Cole's idea. He saw the flowers, and kept saying "flowers, mommy", so Quince let him pick them and bring them in to me. Now almost every day I get some...I have a vase by the sink collecting them. Today I was downstairs on the computer when he brought me some more daisies...he gets a big smile and comes over, I get all excited and say "flowers for me, thank you" and he hands them over grinning. I ask for a kiss which he gives, and this time he tells me..."water, flowers water". So up the stairs I went to add them to my collection. He is so proud of himself when he brings me flowers, it's adorable.
By the way, Diasies keep GREAT! They have lasted such a long time, that my little vase is starting to overflow with them!