Friday, July 18, 2008

I must be crazy!!

Okay, OKay! I know you are thinking, "how can she possibly sell anything else???" But I just couldn't turn it down. I have recently been turned on to Pampered Chef...I am lovin' there stuff!! And they are having this great sign on deal right now. The kit is $155, but if you get $1000 in sales the first month, you get 50% back from the company AND my director will give me the other 50% back as well. So that's $500 in product for free with no other obligation...How could I say now? And I'll make commission on that $1000 as well as a $200+ in PC dollars, for more FREE stuff!!! The show that I hosted this past Wednesday counts as my FIRST show, and the 3 shows that booked off of it are now mine (Surpise Lou, Iola and Carrie!). So, I should be set. That and mom and my friend Kim both said they would do a show too. And who knows, maybe this one will actually take off? We shall see.
Usborne is still my passion though, I just love those books...what kills me is that people would rather spend money on Scrapbooking and Cooking items for themselves than for books for their kids?? What's up with that??!! O well. I won't complain, especially since I am getting $700+ in FREE PC stuff because of it. My kitchen will now be OUTFITTED!! YEAH!

I'll post my website and more info once my kit comes. Wish me luck!!


~*Faith*~ said...

I think you are crazy. You are going to turn yourself into a one stop shop LOL. If I ever get moved I'll host a party for you too :)

Amber said...

Good luck Jen! I love pampered chef- I'll totally host a show for you :)