Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Update from NZ

I have been HORRIBLE at updating this blog...b/c I have discovered facebook...and use it instead. You can check me out at www.facebook.com/jhaltman

But to just update everyone...we are in New Zealand...yes, New Zealand. We have been here since the beginning of July and will be here till the beginning of November. Cole just turned 3 (Aug 18th) and Zane is 4mos (24 Aug).

Anyhow, we love Wellington...though I am a bit homesick, I am still enjoying the benefits of city life. We walk to alot of places, most particularly the grocery store, the library (storytime), the kids museum. It's a short bus ride to the indoor splash pool. I just had groceries delivered for the first time yesterday...can I say I am IN LOVE with this...though I forgot to order a few things and still had to walk to the grocery to pick them up. But typically we would do our large shopping when Quince was home and drive...so the delivery is really NICE. I wish we had this back home, b/c they also offer order and pickup, which would be just as great!!

Church here is nice, I have already given a talk and taught a RS lesson. Quince and I have been 'assigned' (an unofficial calling) to teach the 15-18yo and we really like it.

We get out on the weekends as a family to see the 'sights', have been eating out one night a week to try out the different local restuarants, and will be taking some more extensive sightseeing trips on the 3 day weekends we have coming up (Quince gets US and NZ holidays off) and then the last week here Quince has off and we will travel down on south island.

It's been a great experience all in all, though I am not looking fwd to the 22hr+ plane ride back home..even if the boys did do exceptionaly well getting here. The time change and all is a killer!! (we are currently 16hrs ahead of EST)

Anyhow to see more pics, visit my facebook and if you aren't a member of facebook...join!! :D I have them so you can only see them if you are one of my 'friends', so send me a request!

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